Round Trip “Is My Email Working?” Testing Tool

I recently needed to test some new email addresses and discovered this tool called, appropriately enough, Easier than tracking down an old email account, it’s independent of my email provider, and it’s a two way test. If you need a bit more info, try out their Advanced Mode. Simple and it gets the jobContinue reading “Round Trip “Is My Email Working?” Testing Tool”

How one person provides high quality support to 4 million application users

Brian Cervino on how he supports Fog Creek Software’s four million strong user base for Trello: As we pass four million Trello members I thought it would be a good time to share with other small software development teams the fact that providing high quality support doesn’t have to be expensive or impossible.  This includesContinue reading “How one person provides high quality support to 4 million application users”

Are you making these backup power generator mistakes?

Personal lessons from managing a critical facility. A very common problem for facilities with critical loads is that the power generator doesn’t start when it is needed. Fortunately[1] this can be remedied in the vast majority of cases. When I say critical loads I am talking about computer data centers, hospitals, schools, stadiums, police stations, 911 centers, officeContinue reading “Are you making these backup power generator mistakes?”