How to Start Freelancing Without Having a Mental Breakdown

Sean Smith writes: Your focus should be on automation & efficient systems first and foremost to easily manage the monotony while you get to work for your clients. So, from my experience I’ve put together sort of a 101 for new freelancers and experienced ones alike. His list is good, go check it out. IContinue reading “How to Start Freelancing Without Having a Mental Breakdown”

The Business of Freelance: Tales of a Full Service Freelancer (Video)

Freelancer Michael Jones (of Mograph Mentor) did a pretty bad ass presentation (video) for a user group on The Business of Freelance based on his personal experiences and a broad economic examination of working as a digital creative services freelancer. His video presentation is 19 minutes long and well worth it. The good stuff startsContinue reading “The Business of Freelance: Tales of a Full Service Freelancer (Video)”

Do Freelancers Need to Have an LLC/Corporate Entity?

Over on the Dr. Freelance Jake Poinier answers a reader’s question about LLC/corporate entities for freelancers. My own view on this is that even if you don’t form an entity (initially or ever), at least acquire an EIN (also known as a Federal Tax ID Number) just for your business activities so you don’t endContinue reading “Do Freelancers Need to Have an LLC/Corporate Entity?”

What are you afraid of?

Alan Weiss writes in the Million Dollar Consulting Mindset newsletter: Too often our personal “driving force” isn’t composed of our strengths and passions but rather of our fears. We are afraid to confront an issue; to start a conversation; to pick up the phone; to try something new. We are “driven” in another direction entirely, toContinue reading “What are you afraid of?”

How to charge what you’re really worth

A bit back Mike McDerment, the founder of FreshBooks, and Donald Cowper, published a free eBook called Breaking the Time Barrier — How to Unlock Your True Earning Potential. The tagline is “Learn how to charge what you’re really worth. Read this book and find out how you can earn twice as much as you do today.”Continue reading “How to charge what you’re really worth”

15 ways to get paid with less hassle as a freelancer (or consultant)

These are the techniques I’ve found most effective to get paid fast when doing technology freelancing. 1. Ask for a portion of the fee upfront. This one seems obvious to me now, but I went several years before I moved beyond the “work a bunch of hours then send an invoice and wait” model. YouContinue reading “15 ways to get paid with less hassle as a freelancer (or consultant)”