Tech Consulting in a Tight Economy: COVID-19 Edition

During the Global Financial Crisis of 2007-08, I published a post of a similar title as this one. In light of the current humanitarian crises and resulting economic fallout that COVID-19 has triggered, it seemed worth revisiting that old post as well as sharing an up-to-the-moment opportunity example. My opener is just as relevant today:Continue reading “Tech Consulting in a Tight Economy: COVID-19 Edition”

Productizing a Freelancing / Consulting Business

Patrick McKenzie recently shared a thought provoking piece entitled Productizing A Freelancing / Consulting Business: If the fundamental unit of value in a consulting business is professional expertise applied to a business problem, then the fundamental unit of value in a product business is capturing one thing learned into an artifact and then reproducing that artifact atContinue reading “Productizing a Freelancing / Consulting Business”

Consulting versus Contracting: A Costly (Lack Of) Distinction

So what!? What’s the difference? There are many folks who call themselves consultants. There are also many who call themselves contractors. Humorously — and I only know this because I fell into the same trap — there are many folks who call themselves one when they are really the other. Clients, especially those who aren’tContinue reading “Consulting versus Contracting: A Costly (Lack Of) Distinction”

Why Marketing Really Matters

A business does marketing and sales for the money, but that’s not the sole reason to get good at it.  One of my favorite mentors, authors, and consultants is David Maister.  One day a while back I was reading through his archives and snipped this nugget from an article entitled “Doing It For The Money” (ifContinue reading “Why Marketing Really Matters”

The Professional Consulting Success Ladder

Perhaps You Need a Ladder… I’ve been doing a lot of pondering about the different approaches people take to being an independent IT professional. There are really (at least) 4-5 camps. And they make all the difference in the world when it comes to how happy you are with where you are and what approachesContinue reading “The Professional Consulting Success Ladder”

So… why don’t you have more business?

Have you pondered the post title recently? Why don’t you have more business? It’s a common failing among IT consultants to accept one of the following excuses: It’s just how it is It’s the economy, stupid It takes time to build up a sustainable business and I’m just not there yet and there’s little, ifContinue reading “So… why don’t you have more business?”