Josh is a consulting network/ systems/ cloud engineer, freelance high stakes IT project manager, and former technology executive. He has consulted on information technology matters for over twenty-five years. In 2006, consulting became his primary source of income (just before the global financial crisis!). He’s a big fan of craft beer, freshly roasted coffee, artistic burlesque, good food, and applying science and reason to problems and opportunities small and large (and just for fun). When he has time and energy he also likes to get out on his bike or attend a soccer match.

I have a few different ways of working with me, depending on whether you’re interested in my technical consulting services (for organizations with situations that involve information technology obstacles) or my business mentoring program (for technical consultants and freelancers).

Technical Consulting Services

Since 1994, I’ve been assisting organizations to leverage technology to deliver on underlying business goals. I’ve worked with publicly-traded corporate giants such as, Publicis Groupe, and Lucent Technologies, credit unions representing >$2B of aggregate assets such as CoastHills Credit Union and SESLOC Federal Credit Union, specialized firms operating in information technology, engineering, manufacturing, architecture, and other fields such as TechXpress, Taylor & Syfan Consulting Engineers, and Dioptics Medical Products, and high-growth entrepreneurs and marketing, e-commerce, and software/SaaS businesses such as Weedmaps, LEVEL Studios/Rosetta, Auspient, and DIGON Systems. I’ve worked with Internet service and telecommunications providers such as Digital West, The FIX Network, and SLONET Regional Information Access. In the public sector and education I’ve worked with colleges, schools, and other public sector institutions such as Cuesta College and Coast Unified School District, among numerous others. Click here to learn more about my Technical Consulting Services.

“I really like that you look out for our best interests. As you know, we’ve spent a lot of money with you, and as far as I’m concerned, it was worth it.”

John Baas, CIO, SESLOC Federal Credit Union

Business Mentoring Program

My first paid consulting gig was in the early 1990s (I was just a kid, but it resulted in repeat business and even a referral or two). After a later professional career in both corporate and start-up settings I continued to consult and freelance off and on. In 2006 it became my full-time primary source of income after I left my CTO position at a B2B Internet services provider. By that time I knew a fair bit about business, but I knew nothing about the business of consulting itself (beyond my opportunistic side gigs and a short year where I tried to freelance full-time with mixed success). That was okay … eventually. I learned through a lot of trial and error, studying others, intentional experimentation, shelves and shelves of relevant reading material, and virtual mentoring. Which brings us to why you’re reading this: This mentoring program is somewhat custom to the individual and the situation (after all, the needs of an aspiring just starting out freelancer/ consultant that lacks a decent portfolio and essential infrastructure are far different from one that is farther along with a nice portfolio and some bits of infrastructure, but still looking to get better and to fill in the gaps). Click here to learn more about my Business Mentoring Program.

“Josh is a person that I respect, trust and admire. He has an ability often unseen in the Technology realm to think beyond what’s in front of him, beyond the systems and tasks, and see into the people and relationships around him. Josh is an asset to any organization or project that he chooses to play a role and I look forward to future work together.”

Tim Williams, CEO and Founder, Digital West Networks

Growth is painful. Change is painful. But, nothing is as painful as staying stuck where you do not belong.

N. R. Narayana Murthy