Business Mentoring Program

An Overview

My first paid consulting gig was in the early 1990s (I was just a kid, but it resulted in repeat business and even a referral or two). After a later professional career in both corporate and start-up settings I continued to consult and freelance off and on. In 2006 it became my full-time primary source of income after I left my CTO position at an B2B Internet services provider. By that time I knew a fair bit about business, but I knew nothing about the business of consulting itself (beyond my opportunistic side gigs and a short year where I tried to freelance full-time with mixed success). That was okay … eventually. I learned through a lot of trial and error, studying others, intentional experimentation, shelves and shelves of relevant reading material, sleepless nights, and virtual mentoring.

Which brings us to why you’re reading this: This mentoring program is somewhat custom to the individual and the situation (after all, the needs of an aspiring just starting out freelancer/ consultant that lacks a decent portfolio and essential infrastructure are far different from one that is farther along with a nice portfolio and some bits of infrastructure, but still looking to get better and to fill in the gaps).

In general, we’ll agree to a period of time during which we’ll work together both strategically and tactically on your business, targeting specific areas of concern (both that you already know about and also ones that I might suggest and you agree with – e.g. positioning, visibility and promotion, connecting/re-connecting with your network, fee setting, cash flow management) as well as things that arise during that time period (e.g. interacting with new prospects, critiquing proposal drafts, dealing with problematic client situations). If this is of interest to you, I suggest you shoot me an an introductory email and we’ll go from there to see if there’s a good fit.