Tech Consulting in a Tight Economy: COVID-19 Edition

During the Global Financial Crisis of 2007-08, I published a post of a similar title as this one. In light of the current humanitarian crises and resulting economic fallout that COVID-19 has triggered, it seemed worth revisiting that old post as well as sharing an up-to-the-moment opportunity example. My opener is just as relevant today:Continue reading “Tech Consulting in a Tight Economy: COVID-19 Edition”

Round Trip “Is My Email Working?” Testing Tool

I recently needed to test some new email addresses and discovered this tool called, appropriately enough, Easier than tracking down an old email account, it’s independent of my email provider, and it’s a two way test. If you need a bit more info, try out their Advanced Mode. Simple and it gets the jobContinue reading “Round Trip “Is My Email Working?” Testing Tool”

Why Marketing Really Matters for Solo Professionals

What getting good at marketing can do for the individual is to help him or her find the clients they could care about and be eager to help, and the types of work that would be truly stimulating. The better you are at marketing, the more truly professional you can be, because you are notContinue reading “Why Marketing Really Matters for Solo Professionals”

Amateurs Get Angry With Clients. Professionals Educate Them.

Paul Jarvis, writing for 99U: As most experienced freelancers know, sometimes we have to fire our clients, for their benefit and ours. But it doesn’t have to be this way. I used to think dealing with frustrating clients was just part of being a creative. But then I realized while, yes, there are frustrating partsContinue reading “Amateurs Get Angry With Clients. Professionals Educate Them.”

Flaws in Handling New Business Inquiries

The WAV Group had researchers pose as consumers and make inquiries with real estate brokers. The results were depressing. Their results were about right for solo technology professionals as well, in my experience. Unfortunately, that’s not the the most depressing part. It’s embarrassing for me to admit this, but the very week this study cameContinue reading “Flaws in Handling New Business Inquiries”

How to Start Freelancing Without Having a Mental Breakdown

Sean Smith writes: Your focus should be on automation & efficient systems first and foremost to easily manage the monotony while you get to work for your clients. So, from my experience I’ve put together sort of a 101 for new freelancers and experienced ones alike. His list is good, go check it out. IContinue reading “How to Start Freelancing Without Having a Mental Breakdown”

The Business of Freelance: Tales of a Full Service Freelancer (Video)

Freelancer Michael Jones (of Mograph Mentor) did a pretty bad ass presentation (video) for a user group on The Business of Freelance based on his personal experiences and a broad economic examination of working as a digital creative services freelancer. His video presentation is 19 minutes long and well worth it. The good stuff startsContinue reading “The Business of Freelance: Tales of a Full Service Freelancer (Video)”