Don’t assume

Assumptions in business are often wrong, particularly those we make about our clients, customers, and prospects. Assumptions can lead to our competitors doing better than us, our clients moving on, our referrals drying up, and new business inquiries not converting into new active business. And they result in inefficiencies and expending time and energy in … Continue reading Don’t assume

Pragmatic margin management and labor intensity for micro-businesses

Large businesses can afford to extract profits from high labor intensity yet low margin activities. Small businesses cannot IMO. And certainly not solo operators like independent consultants/ freelancers! Here’s my thinking (& best advice) on how I manage and take advantage of this in my own consulting activities… The choices we make about our consulting/ … Continue reading Pragmatic margin management and labor intensity for micro-businesses


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About Me

Hi, I’m Josh. I became a full-time consulting technologist in 2006. I’m now semi-retired from both tech and consulting. I now write, consult (part-time), and invest. Drawing from personal experiences and research, this blog is primarily for other solo/ independent consultants, freelancers, and service providers. I sometimes also write about personal finance and technology.

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