Bend business networking to your will

When you’re just starting out (and even when you aren’t) you’ll probably hear a lot of generic business advice. One bromide is the suggestion that you should “network with people.” Here’s the thing: networking can mean a lot of things, many of which aren’t all that productive or may simply not be your strength. Personally, […]

FreshBooks studies impact of invoice terms on timing of client payments

Daniel Reiter for the FreshBooks blog writes: We wanted to understand if there are any patterns to getting paid faster, so the FreshBooks Data Analytics team did some digging into what FreshBooks customers use as invoice payment terms in 2019, and what the impact of those terms have on client payments. … Turns out if […]

The value of price objections

If your fees are not being objected to occasionally than you are probably under-pricing your services. On the other hand, if you fees are being objected to frequently, you need to dig a bit deeper to troubleshoot the cause. It could be your positioning, lead generation pipeline, sales process, proposal approach, work quality, reputation, marketplace […]

How do you handle opportunities outside your core focus?

Never accept work that is outside your core focus without disclosing that upfront to the client. This is different from work that is within your wheelhouse, but because of constant technology changes you may know you’ll need to refresh your knowledge of (and even expand a bit throughout the engagement). Is the line always clear? […]


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