Tech Consulting in a Tight Economy: COVID-19 Edition

During the Global Financial Crisis of 2007-08, I published a post of a similar title as this one. In light of the current humanitarian crises and resulting economic fallout that COVID-19 has triggered, it seemed worth revisiting that old post as well as sharing an up-to-the-moment opportunity example. My opener is just as relevant today:Continue reading “Tech Consulting in a Tight Economy: COVID-19 Edition”

Round Trip “Is My Email Working?” Testing Tool

I recently needed to test some new email addresses and discovered this tool called, appropriately enough, Easier than tracking down an old email account, it’s independent of my email provider, and it’s a two way test. If you need a bit more info, try out their Advanced Mode. Simple and it gets the jobContinue reading “Round Trip “Is My Email Working?” Testing Tool”

Recurring revenue: a path to sustainability in your solo freelancing firm

Becoming independent is easy; remaining independent is difficult. Some of my low years have been so deep that I arguably really should not have continued my solo practice. While the high years generally made up for it, that wasn’t helpful when in the middle of those low points …when I really needed to pay myself aContinue reading “Recurring revenue: a path to sustainability in your solo freelancing firm”

How to immediately start closing more freelancing deals

One of the biggest reasons prospective clients don’t proceed with a project after having you provide a thorough proposal is because they are concerned about their options if you mess up. Take that risk away: Offer a strong guarantee. Here’s how I do it in my consulting practice. Something like this will do: The qualityContinue reading “How to immediately start closing more freelancing deals”