My name is Josh Richards. I reside in California (soon to be Virginia) with my wife Chrystie and our son Noah.

I’m an independent (self-employed) consultant and private investor.

My background is in information technology. I’ve been non-stop self-employed for more than a decade, primarily as a consultant and freelancer.

I’m trying to leave the world a bit better off in my own way.I’m not an expert at everything contained here. I am constantly learning and experimenting. I share things I’ve found or learned which worked well for me (i.e. made my life better, easier, etc.). Your own results may vary of course, but I expect you’re aware of this. You can decide how to proceed and evaluate the results for yourself.

My goal for this site is not to attract the largest audience possible. Rather, I’m trying to develop something hopefully useful to others that is drawn from my own experiences and learning. In turn, I hope to attract an appreciative audience.

I’m a geek/ nerd, explorer, feminist (inter-sectional), IT advisor, consulting net/sys/cloud engineer, investor, burrito lover, and parent (I won’t bore you with the entire list of course).

I have been self-employed for over ten years (consecutively) and been consulting for more than twenty years. I also have been a private investor for a similar timeframe, albeit with varying degrees of dedication until the past couple of years.

I welcome your comments via email. Thanks for reading.