Don’t assume

Assumptions in business are often wrong, particularly those we make about our clients, customers, and prospects.

Assumptions can lead to our competitors doing better than us, our clients moving on, our referrals drying up, and new business inquiries not converting into new active business.

And they result in inefficiencies and expending time and energy in ways we can’t afford as small business owners.

When we break through our assumptions we may uncover opportunities for growth and refinement of our business models. And in solo consulting those improvements directly result in improvements to our financial and personal lives.

What assumptions are you making about why your clients do business with you?

  • Is it because you’re the only game in town?
  • Is it because you’re an expert in a narrow niche?
  • Is it because you’re one of the cheapest?
  • Is it because of your reputation?
  • Is it because of your sales approach?
  • Is it because of your contracts?
  • Is it because of your availability?
  • Is it because they couldn’t find anyone else on such short notice?
  • Is it because others that could have done it just as well aren’t known to your client (but do exist)?
  • Is it because they know you?
  • Is it because they liked you before even conversing with you? Or maybe after conversing with you?
  • Something else?

Don’t assume you know why.

Don’t assume you’re going to like the answers.

But there is actually one safe assumption you can make: going through this exercise will be educational.

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