A Real Example of Getting a New Client (With Step-by-step Actions)

Generating leads and turning them into clients isn’t rocket science. But it does require focus, empathy, and patience. Dustin Lien has a solid write-up on his blog of a real-world organic client acquisition that occurred in his service business:

For most people, the most frustrating part of starting a client service business is cracking the elusive code of getting new clients. While it can feel difficult to understand, and at times even unpredictable, there are tried and true steps to follow that just plain work.

It’s filled with practical reminders like:

During an initial exploration call, it’s important to make sure you let them talk about their business and their current needs before pitching anything. I like to use this phrase: “I’d love to learn about your business, and any unique challenges you’re facing.”

A Real Example of Getting a New Client (With Step-by-step Actions)

Again, not rocket science, but attracting leads and turning (some of ) them into clients does entail a different skill-set than many otherwise highly capable experts in there field have already. There’s no shame in learning the basics, ever. And since it’s not rocket science you’ll still get to dedicate a lot of time to your true area of expertise.