Round Trip “Is My Email Working?” Testing Tool

I recently needed to test some new email addresses and discovered this tool called, appropriately enough, Easier than tracking down an old email account, it’s independent of my email provider, and it’s a two way test. If you need a bit more info, try out their Advanced Mode. Simple and it gets the job done.

By Josh Richards

Josh is a consulting network/ systems/ cloud engineer, freelance high stakes IT project manager, and former technology executive. He has consulted on information technology matters for over twenty-five years. In 2006, consulting became his primary source of income (just before the global financial crisis!). He’s a big fan of craft beer, freshly roasted coffee, artistic burlesque, good food, and applying science and reason to problems and opportunities small and large (and just for fun). When he has time and energy he also likes to get out on his bike or attend a soccer match.